National Service Fantasy?

I was super elated simply because the completion date was nearer than I perceived. Goodbye to school it was. Being all over my zone, not caring about assignments and meeting deadlines. You know, that ready to take on the world and be my own boss kinda feeling. I had no sooner relaxed my muscles than National Service smiled at me.

Whew!!! Oh yes, as surprised as I was, I ain’t gonna lie, I was relieved of boredom. Shout out to sleeping all day, our friendship might end up looking like a caricature of a cartoon character. Well it did and that’s a story for another day.

You know how the feeling is, I mean those nostalgic moments where it dawns on you that sooner or later you’re going to become the richest billionaire alive? I mean, no cap but I know there’s couple of great men in the fraternity? Joining the billionaire fraternity, does not guarantee you should hola at the girl for money. I make hot pass you saf lol.

First week in Service looked so pretty like a bride in a white gown. No complaints, just smiles and working to serve God and man. Aha… that reminds me, I vividly recall when the Speaker of Parliament, Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin cautioned organizations to desist from making NSS personnel errand boys and girls. This is because, it is known that most organizations sends them, especially on Gob3 errand.

I was posted at Ghana Education Service Headquarters, at Osu. I would forever commend the Director General, Dr. Eric Nkansah and his able employees for their expertise and guidance. Herrh, no be joke oo, I don’t know for other organizations but at GES, in fact, you will learn on the job. There’s nothing like, ‘’oh just watch and do it tomorrow’’, madam, you will do it without knowing you’ve done it.

Please my people, how does the NSS evaluation form look like? Is it brown, blue black or unknown like Ghana’s football future? Don’t come at me, I’m just disturbed. It has been three months already and I don’t know if money is still the root of all evil because eei, we’ve not been paid yet. Not to mention transportation, just help me do the calculation because I’m just teary right now.

Had I known is always at last but on a more serious note, the lord is forever my shepherd so I shall not want. lolxx

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    National Service wahala…

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      Waited long for this post because I’ve also gone through some paaaa????????. Eiiii hmm

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    Mary Akorfa

    I may not have started doing my NSS but I’m just hoping those handling the money they promised to give us will let it go to it’s rightful owners … I don’t know why they should be keeping something which isn’t theirs, according to the Bible it’s stealing .
    All the same thank you Benedicta for giving me an insight on what I am to expect while serving the country patriotlc- ly <<<< don't know if that was a word tho lol

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    Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning.

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    I love it❤️????…I’m looking forward to reading more of this piece

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    I love it❤️????…I’m looking forward to reading more of this piece

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    Ella Aborah

    Nice write up Sis, NSS in the public sector needs to be reassessed.

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    That’s Amazing Bene.

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    This is phenomenal !!!
    I’m looking forward to reading another massive write up like this

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    Great experience, consolidate them for the bigger picture. I know the author.. my favorite girl “Gwen”.

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    Kwesi Adjei

    Nice ???? thanks for the gist about the NSS , I thought you people always go on gob3 and waakye errands ooo saanaa eno be all of you ????

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