Namibia celebrates 32 years of independence

“A People United For Prosperity” is the theme for this year’s Namibia independence celebrations.

In 1884, when the country became a German colony, the area was called the German South-West Africa, it was later named South-West Africa after World War I. Although South Africa occupied the region in 1915 after defeating the German colonial rulers, it was not until 1988 that South Africa finally gave up their control of Namibia in agreement with a UN peace plan.

As it is located in the same area as the oldest desert in the world; the Namib Desert, the country was named Namibia.

A year later in 1989, Namibia organized its first one-person one vote elections with the official slogan, “Free and Fair Elections”.

It was 32 years ago on this day 21st March 1990,  that Namibia was granted independence with Samuel Shafiishuna Daniel Nujoma becoming its first President.

We wish our brothers and sisters from Namibia a Happy Independence Day!

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