Minerals for the Mind by Ernest Tsifodze; a book to nourish your mind and inspire action

Minerals for the Mind! 5 stars!

I’ve read a lot of Ernest’s daily motivational quotes widely shared on his social media. So I’ll say I had an idea of his writing style before I read Minerals for the Mind. But I was amazed by the clear examples and insightful quotes Ernest used to drive home the central theme of the book. The quotes and the life experiences shared were my favourite part of reading the book.

The author shared unique minerals needed to live an intentional and purposeful life in all ten sections of the book. At the beginning of each chapter, I looked forward with excitement to discover the names of each mineral of the mind and their meanings. For example, did you know:

“Ametrine is a mineral of the mind that helps you find clarity, make decisions, and move forward powerfully?”

The thought-provoking first chapter of the book ends with these inspiring words:

“It doesn’t matter who is saying what you can or cannot do. What matters is being intentional about your future and putting your best in everyday to yield the best outcome. Once you start doing your best, you will attract people who will help you”.

By the final chapter, Ernest arms the reader with ten key Minerals for the Mind needed to live a purposeful and victorious life starting from a well-nourished mind.

This book is like an extension of the author’s widely shared daily motivational quotes, but with added illustrations and life experiences.

I read Minerals for the Mind when it was launched in May 2021.  I read it again in April this year and it was like a whole new experience for me as I discovered new ideas from the book.

This is Ernest’s second book and I hope many more young people get access to it to enrich their lives.

Great book. Totally worth reading again and again. If you are on a journey of self-discovery to live a purposeful life, you should read Minerals of the Mind once each year.

Get a copy via https://tsifodzeernest.com/shop/

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