Meet Shamima Nyamekye, the 21-year old helping ambitious students land their dream jobs and schools

Anyone should be able to excel in their pursuit of higher education with just the right push. Unfortunately, not many young people are privileged to be given this push which may come in the form of education and mentoring.

Shamima Nyamekye, a Ghanaian living permanently in Canada is giving thousands of young people this push through her academic mentorship business, Inspired by Shay, a registered Canadian Consultancy that provides academic mentoring to students worldwide.

Through IBS Consulting, the 21 year old CEO and certified career coach is helping ambitious students land their dream jobs and schools, but everything wasn’t rosy for Shamima at the start of her journey.

In 2018, Shamima was faced with the challenge of leaving her homeland, Ghana to permanently settle in Canada. This change came with many challenges including repeating her final year of secondary school (Grade 12), and consequently caused her to graduate a year later than all her colleagues back home in Ghana.

She faced many more challenges, a year later in 2019, she had to navigate a new educational system. Through resilience, Shamima, which means someone who excels, graduated at the top of her secondary school class with a cumulative funding of 50,000 CAD towards her undergraduate education.

Through hardwork, Shamima scaled her startup IBS Consulting into a 5+ team and launched her inaugural internship program in 2021.

In a LinkedIn post, Shamima wrote, “I signed my offer to intern at a top ten global law firm in January, secured over $ 40,000 in student financial awards for my clients and I am excited for the next big thing God does in my life.”

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