How Privileged are the Privileged?

I had my Junior High School education in a preparatory school. Even though I had previously been a student in a couple of undeserved schools where we had frequent donations, sympathy and visits from organizations, the experience here was different.

We didn’t have organizations visiting us to share school supplies. We didn’t have organizations visiting to give us random talks.

This was unlike what I had previously enjoyed, so one day I mentioned it to a colleague.

The response?

“They said organizations don’t visit preparatory schools because students in such schools have it all.”

Immediately, I felt cheated. At least having NGOs visit to engage us in quizzes and mentorship talks could be exciting. Preparatory schools have students who deserve love too.

Fast forward, a group visited us one day. Oh happy day!
They shared cups of hot and chilled milo to each of us.

I can’t describe how excited I felt that day. It’s been years since I stood in a queue on the school compound to take my cup of chilled milo. But I remember it often and I often mention that singular experience.

So a few months ago when a section of the public started shouting that the gifts being given to Oswald was a waste because there were more needy students, I just remembered my experience.

Yes, let’s give to those who need it the most but let’s not deny some others in the process.

Gifts are an expression of love care, and each child deserves love no matter where they find themselves.

So can you tell me? How privileged are the privileged?

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    Frempong Emmanuel okyere

    Whenever we are blessed with knowledge, thus who do not get the opportunity to attend the best school must benefit from us by impacting in their lives for free

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