Afia Debrah Celebrates Dr. Ernestina Mensah who has transitioned from a communiy health nurse to become a doctor

She said she would, and she did! A story of determination and perseverance.

A Communication and Business Development Manager at The Trust Hospital, Afia Drah, has shared an inspiring story of her friend, who started her career as a community health nurse and has moved on to become a Medical Doctor.

According to her, she met Ernestina on Facebook in 2016, and they later started hanging out. She describes Ernestina as “very fun, loved outings, fashion, perfumes and all the stuff you wouldn’t think a typical bookworm would like” and a fashion freak who later named her dog Zara.

Dr Ernestina Mensah

The now Doctor started as a community health nurse. In 2016, she graduated from Central University College with first-class honours as a physician assistant. In Afia’s own words, “I was a bit baffled by the PA ship cos I knew she was a nurse.”

“She would always say she would pursue further to become a doctor. And I told her in 2016 that I would tell the world about her. I loved her determination.” Afia added.

Six years after graduating as a physician assistant in November 2022, Ernestina Mensah graduated from medical school as a medical doctor

Dr Ernestina Mensah

While Ernestina was in medical school, she worked as a nurse and PA, helping with private practices, fertility specialists, surgeons, and consultants.

You may encounter many challenges in life, but with determination, focus and persistence, you will succeed; this is the story of Dr Ernestina Mensah.

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